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Would You Rather…


Have you ever played the game Would You Rather? If not, it’s basically a game where one person asks another person to choose between two, equally horrible scenarios. There is never a winner, just laughs and the occasional, “I just threw up in my mouth a little.” My son has a kid friendly version of this that he likes to play while we are driving in the car. One day, while being forced to choose between having cherry flavored earwax and a slushy made out of Saint Bernard slobber, I came to realize that I play this game all the time. I don’t have to make gross choices like the ones my son gives me, but I do have to decide between options for various circumstances on a daily basis. For example, would I rather sit and watch the squirrels chase each other or empty the dishwasher? Squirrels win every time.

I make these decisions daily without even knowing what I am doing. It’s not until I am faced with two extraordinary or hard choices that I actually pay attention to my decision making process. This is why games like, Would You Rather are good to play. Those questions, as inappropriate as they are, force us to stop and think about what we like or don’t like, why we like it, and what is going to produce the best outcome. They jar us out of the doldrums of decision-making and that is what we are going to do here today.


  • Eat a gallon of ice cream or an entire cake?
  • Run in a marathon or swim five miles?
  • Quit your job and become a street performer or add 20 more work hours to your week?
  • Play golf with Tiger Woods or play basketball with Michael Jordan?
  • Climb Mount Everest or write a novel?
  • Be married or be single?
  • Live in the city of your choice or live in the country?

Okay, these aren’t terribly exciting questions, but they do hit on different aspects of life: diet, exercise, work, etc. Did you think about the choices or did you just make a quick decision? Give yourself the opportunity to think of why you chose one option over the other, you may learn a little more about yourself. Or, play the game just for the heck of it, it’s quite funny and pairs nicely with a few beers and or vodka tonics!