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The little surprises of aging


When was the last time you claimed your half birthday? Were you 12, 15, 29? At my age half birthdays are red flags warning me that I only have 6 more months until I have to admit that I am aging. I like to think that I have retained some of my youthfulness over the years, but the fact of the matter is, things have changed. I’m not against aging as it is inevitable and fighting it costs too much, but I find myself surprised at times at what does change with age. For example:

  1. More often than not I wake up in the morning and expect the lines on my face to disappear as if they were pillow marks. Um no, those are your new wrinkles. Have a good day!
  2. Sure, go out and enjoy a night of drinking, but be prepared to spend the next three days paying for it.
  3. Who the hell are some of these kids accepting movie, T.V., and music awards?
  4. I find myself afraid of teenagers, especially the ones who have just gotten their drivers licenses. Their thumb muscles are abnormally strong from all of that texting, they are unpredictable and impulsive, and they listen to crazy music.
  5. I really don’t mind staying in on Friday evenings. I don’t mind staying in on Saturday evenings either.
  6. It’s 9:00pm? Sounds like bedtime to me! Thank goodness for DVR. I can catch up on the late night shows the next day.
  7. I’m not sure that I can pull of those new sports leisure pants and the crop tops that are now in style.

I’m not sure why I expected my life to stay as that of a 25 year old. I knew about wrinkles, crepe paper skin, and early bird specials, those are the obvious changes with age. I was not aware of the rest. In fact, I told myself that I would always stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, listen to current music, and remain a night owl, but when it comes down to it, I’m relieved to not have to live that life anymore. It was exhausting, truly the life for someone with the energy of a caffeinated toddler. What I do now works for me and I am guessing even that will change. Am I ready for more surprises? (Hesitates to answer for at least 5 min.) Fine, I may embrace them with grace, and then again I may look into just how much a good fight costs.

What has surprised you when it comes to aging?

Cheers to timelessness,