Take a break and laugh a little.

How often do you jump on the internet only to be completely annoyed by what you see? Social media is used as a sounding board for peoples opinions and although a few of these issues are important and warrant some attention, I guarantee I will not read about them if they are constantly shoved in my face every time I open Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter. I am normally not a head in the sand kind of person, but I’m at the point where I feel like I have to defend my emotional well being against these depressing articles that shine more of a spotlight on how crappy life can be. And then, right when I’ve had about enough I come across this little gem on Facebook:

IMG_4042  That cow is such a jerk right? Go ahead, laugh.

This photo gave me hope for what else the internet can offer us. What a simple, poignant and hilarious way to make light of a semi serious situation. This is exactly what I needed and it made me wonder if those other serious issues could be shaken up with a little humor. Okay, probably not, but what became clear to me is that humor gives us that much needed break from the heaviness of life that follows us around not just on the internet or TV, but in our daily experiences. With that being said, the goal of this post is to offer you a respite from what might be a case of the Moondays (Office Space reference if you didn’t already know). Warning: you may experience feelings of mirth which could result in laughter and loss of bladder control. Enjoy!

enhanced-buzz-19738-1386006274-6   slide_245781_1403173_free WHAT?!

54bfe4c13762929e48deb4ae13c26516                   839311ccd7772b946ed2f61c632e560a

95de122fcfa126dc4321cca21c5c5ff7  Anyone else feel this one?


5523c075a1c5ce191520167824043f44 Alright, Alright, Alright


e071c55052d39069eae2fcdbce1d1cf3 Have a great day!!

If you need more laughs, log on to Pinterest and peruse the animal category.


2 thoughts on “Take a break and laugh a little.

  1. Absolutely awesome, Jodi! Really needed that this morning. My new philosophy re all the social media and actual situations in the world is to be aware of it, ask if there is anything I can do, globally or locally, then do it and stop reading about it in depth. I still monitor headlines, but not all the awful details. Thanks for the validation that it’s okay to step back and laugh.

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