Lesson #167- Learning can be fun: 7 useless yet interesting facts.

Not sure if you’ve heard the mind blowing news concerning Hello Kitty’s true identity? Most people would assume it’s a cat, because it looks like one and there is the fact that it’s called Kitty, but it is actually a little girl. Makes sense right? Most little girls are completely white, have pointy ears and whiskers on the sides of their pink noses. Whatever Japan. It got me thinking though, what else do I not know about? Are there other obscure facts that would shake me to my core and make me question everything I’ve ever known just like Hello Kitty? Why yes, there are many, and I had a delightful time researching and compiling a list for your viewing pleasure. Hope these don’t keep you up at night!

OB-FG885_Footba_DV_20100115010106 1. It’s almost fall which means sweaters, apple picking, and football. I like football, especially going to a game, but I didn’t know that I am only watching 11 minutes of actual game play. Crazy right? Out of roughly 174 minutes of a telecast, the ball is only in play, on average, 11 stinkin’ minutes. The rest is commercial (1 hour), players standing around or huddling (75 minutes), etc. all of which makes me happy that I at least have beer to help me pass the time.

2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs could have been a whole lot different if the writers had chosen other names for the Dwarfs. Some of the rejected names were, Jaunty, Gabby, Dirty, Shifty (I like that one), Gloomy, Blabby, Hotsy, and my favorite Awful, a dwarf that “steals, drinks, and is very dirty”. Could you imagine how much more awesome that movie would be if there was a drunk dwarf that mumbled obscenities while picking Snow Whites pockets?

3. Abraham Lincoln was not only responsible for ending slavery (not segregation), orating the Gettysburgh Address, and, according to Hollywood, slaying vampires, but he was also a big time wrestler. He lost only 1 out of 300 matches and was inducted into the wrestling hall of fame. Honest and agile, nice!

4. This one’s crazy- By holding your remote control car opener to your head, you double its range because your head acts as an amplifier. What?! You can bet your briefs I’m trying that one. I wonder if it will work for my car starter as well…

5. We all know WWII ended a long time ago, but Russia and Japan still haven’t signed a peace treaty. What’s even more interesting is that England sent over some celebrity spies to the U.S., including Roald Dahl, and Ian Flemming to try to persuade the USA to join the war. They were called The Baker Street Irregulars and there is a book by Jennet Conant that tells the story.

6. Did you ever wonder why The Office was filmed like a documentary? Wait for it… It’s because of an employee’s suicide. A documentary crew was sent into Dunder Mifflin to record effects of the suicide on the employees. The crew discovered that the everyday life in the office was just as interesting so they decided to stay on and continue to interview. The suicide was eluded to during an episode where Michael reads a comment from the suggestion box which says, “We need better outreach for employees battling depression-Tom” Michael thinks this is a hoax because there isn’t anyone in the office named Tom. The interviewer then reminds Michael that Tom killed himself.

7. Okay, this one is a little disturbing. The name of the patient in the game Operation is Cavity Sam. So while kids are “operating” are they actually performing a Cavity (Sam) search? Eww!

Header16-171x300     I will stop here so that I don’t completely overwhelm you.


Note: Info. Gathered from sources such as wikipedia, IMBD, mashable, www.apartmenttherapy.com, www.online.wsj.com, and http://www.mentalfloss.com



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