Lesson #411- You don’t have to understand it to bet on it.



Oh March. The month that represents the change from winter to spring, the weather that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (or in our case out like a polar bear, brrrr), and of course the NCAA tournament. A couple of weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to get in on some bracket action that was accompanied by a minimal bet. Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but I do not like college sports. I don’t know what teams are good or not, who the players are, etc. but I do know a good mascot when I see one. So, I’m sure you can guess how I created my bracket.

I am betting against 10 other people and so far I am in first place with one other person. “How can this be?” you ask? Well, let me break down a bit of my thought process for choosing teams:

Round Two- Colorado Buffaloes vs. Pittsburgh Panthers: A panther is a big cat, I like cats. Buffaloes are big, hairy, smelly beasts. Not a fan. Plus, if given the chance, a panther could totally take down a buffalo, just watch NatGeo. I go with Pittsburgh.

Round Three- Arizona Wildcats vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs: Again, I like cats, but the problem here is that I also like dogs. Hmmmm… I take into consideration that those cats are wild, so I choose Arizona.

Regional Semifinals- Baylor Bears vs. Wisconsin Badgers: Now here is when it gets a little tougher. I like bears, and it’s fun to say Baylor Bears, but I can’t get the quote, ” Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” from the movie Blazing Saddles, out of my head, so I go with Wisconsin.

Regional Finals- Arizona Wildcats vs. Wisconsin Badgers: Sorry Badgers. Movie quote in my head or not, I like cats.

I think you catch my drift. So, will I win? Probably not and I don’t deserve to. I don’t watch the games and I don’t even update my bracket, my husband does that for me. Betting on it, however, has made me a little more curious and has brought out an unwarranted competitive side that makes me turn my head and smile whenever my husband tell me that my teams are doing well. I may even want to brag a little, but I won’t because there is still a ways to go, but I am invested in my winner. Can you guess what team that is?




One thought on “Lesson #411- You don’t have to understand it to bet on it.

  1. Jodi – you’re blogs are great to read! I’m not a fan of college basketball either so don’t feel too bad. Keep up the good wrting!

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