It all started here.


This is when I started over. This little munchkin arrived in May of 2008, I think I arrived about a month later after the adrenaline of having a new baby wore off and real life set in. That was when I began to really learn. In my previous life I was fairly accomplished, decent childhood, went to college, went to graduate school, married a great guy, lived in Florida, had a good career. Then we were blessed with a child and my life did a 180.

For 5 years now I have gone through an intense change in identity and have had my eyes open for about half of it. When I have not been resisting the process I have experienced the most amazing insights that only a small child can provide. This, of course, goes beyond how to keep another human being alive, this is the real day to day, weird, sometimes humorous, scary, and the most honest education I have ever received.

For example, lesson #246 Quoting movies: during some playful banter of who is the smelliest, my son tells me that I am so smelly that it stings the nostrils. For those of you who love Will Ferrell movies, you will recognize this from the movie Anchorman, an extremely inappropriate movie for a 5 year old. Never having seen the movie, but certainly listening to his parents reference it, Riley knew how and when to use such a phrase. The lesson learned, always use Will Ferrell quotes to help explain issues pertaining to the body because his use of it was hilarious. I suppose we also learned the common parenting lesson of watch what you say because they do listen, it just happened to really work out here.

I think I have learned more in 5 years then I have my entire life. I don’t even want to think about what I am going to learn when he hits puberty, but whatever it is I am up for the challenge, especially if he keeps up with his Ron Burgandy jokes.


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